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Dish of the Week | Lasagna

From £6.00

A classic Bolognese Lasagna coated in a luxurious mix of hearty ragù bolognese (slow-cooked meat sauce) and creamy béchamel white sauce baked to perfection.

chicken chorizo penne
chickpea salad

Chicken Caesar Salad


Crisp hearts of romaine tossed in robust Caesar dressing topped with croutons, black pepper and Parmesan cheese.

Chicken & Chorizo Penne Pasta


Perfect to have over lunch or dinner, this dish is flavoured with chunks of smoky chorizo, fragrant tomato sauce and chicken. It is perfect for cosying up on cooler days.

Chickpeas, Pepper & Bulgur Wheat Salad


Vibrant vegetarian salad with Feta cheese, pepper, chickpeas, bulgur wheat, onion, olive and coriander.

Healthy Salad
penne pasta basilico
penne amatriciana

Insalata di pollo e chorizo


Chicken and crispy chorizo salad on a bed of mixed leaves, tomato and onion drizzled with french dressing sauce.

Penne Pasta Pomodoro e Basilico


Simply cooked, family-friendly, vegetarian options

Penne Pasta Amatriciana


Homemade penne pasta al dente with a spicy tomato sauce and pancetta, topped up with Parmesan shavings and parsley.

Banana blossom fish and chips.png

Banana Blossom "Fish" & Chips

Banana blossom is the next plant-based protein popping up. A fleshy, purple-skinned flower that grows at the end of a banana cluster. Battered to create the British favourite "Fish" & Chips.

Vegan Banana Blossom "Fish" & Chips

Serves 1


Risotto Funghi e Piselli


Homemade risotto with mushrooms and peas topped with Parmesan shavings.

risotto funghi e piselli
asparagus risotto

Smoked Salmon & Asparagus Risotto


Creamy, dreamy and tasty.

Spaghetti all Boscaiola


This earthy, classic Roman dish has all the flavours of the forest and the campfire packed into it. Loaded with mushrooms, bacon, peas and a touch of cream, it'll take you from wherever you are to a cabin the woods.

Spaghetti boscaiola

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